Catalysis and Surfaces


The Catalysts and Surfaces Division was created with the institute in 1982, based on the research team of Prof. Daniel Löffler. The work focused basically in the area of heterogeneous catalysis. In 1990, the group extended its interests to issues of physical chemistry of surfaces; in particular, the study of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces, their formation, morphology, and properties. Current interests in heterogeneous catalysis include the development of conventional, nano and structured catalysts, supported on commercial or natural materials applied to water pollution abatement and the biorremediation of xenobiotics.

Lines of Work

  • Nanostructure formation. Gas sensors.
  • Diffusion, adsorption, and reaction in solid-fluid systems.
  • Preparation, characterization and activity trials of heterogeneous catalysts for the oxidation of organic pollutants in aqueous media by means of .advanced oxidation processes.
  • Biorremediation of xenobiotics
  • Unsteady State operation of reactors applied to the control of environmental pollution.
  • Determination of equilibrium and kinetic parameters in porous adsorbents and catalysts.

Services Offered:

  • Gas chromatography analysis
  •  Characterization of wastewater
  • Total Organic Carbon Analysis
  •  Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  •  Volatile suspended solids (VSS) and total suspended solids (TSS)
  •  Concentration of metals (chromium, copper, iron)
  •  Concentration of total phenols
  • Sludge volume index (SVI)
  •  Toxicity testing of wastewater
  • Monitoring, control and optimization of wastewater treatment plants
  • Analysis and characterization of surfaces at nanoscopic level
  • Determining capacity of adsorbents for the impurities in water strippage
  • Design of water purifying filters
  • Monitoring and control of toxic gases (CO, NO)

Contacto: Dr. Celso Aldao
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