Polímeros Biomédicos

The Biomedical Polymers Division (DPB), created in 1991, is currently a benchmark in the field of polymeric biomaterials, with more than 25 years of trajectory in research, teaching, training of human resources (graduate and post-graduate), extension, collaboration with industries and services.

The academic training of professionals in the field of biomaterials is essential for the development of the activities in the DPB. The highly qualified infrastructure and human resources provide solutions to the problems of the socio-productive environment, meeting the requirements of society and industry. Progress in biomaterial science and technology requires a transdisciplinary approach, and the DPB collaborates with national and foreign research centers, searching for complementary actions and excellence in all its activities. The research lines aim improving the quality of life through the development of functional polymeric biomaterials, with biomimetic features and ability to carry therapeutic agents and interact with tissues or organs.

Among the main applications, we highlight:

  • Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine
  • Controlled release of therapeutic agents
  • Functional textiles
  • Biomedical devices
  • Smart materials

Technology Offer

  • Synthesis of biomedical polymers (polyesters, polyurethanes, hydrogels, composites, etc.)
  • Polymer characterization (physicochemical, thermal, mechanical, rheological, surface, stability and degradation)
  • Surface modification (chemical, physical, biological)
  • Design and preparation of matrices and micro / nanoporous tubes, capsules, loaded particles, biomimetic scaffolds, devices, etc.
  • Consultancy
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