Materiales Compuestos Termoplásticos

The Thermoplastic Composite Materials group (CoMP) is one of the 12 areas that constitute INTEMA. Our main topics of research, development and innovation are related to thermoplastic composite materials. We are dedicated to the study and development of new matrices and reinforcements, the optimization of synthesis and processing techniques, the characterization and evaluation of the behavior in service of the developed materials for multiple technological applications. Our group seeks to generate novel knowledge and respond to the socio-productive requirements in everything related to thermoplastic composite materials.

The general objective of our group is to become an area of high impact knowledge generation that provides highly trained human resources with the aim of promoting the socio-economic development of our country. We propose that the originated scientific knowledge contributes to value chains through the development of innovative products and the generation of high-tech ventures that promote job creation, allowing to differentiate the production through the generation of competitive advantages based on the technologies that we develop.

Currently, at CoMP we work on diverse multidisciplinary projects that seek to fulfill the objectives that we have proposed. Our main developments are based on modified clays; magnetic nanoparticles; micro and biopolymeric nano-systems to designmultifunctional active ingredients; sustainable agro-inputs such as biodegradable agricultural mulches, hydrogels, microgels, and composite nanogels; as well as composite thermoplastic films.

Application fields

The main areas of application of the materials that we develop in CoMP are: containers and packaging, health care and protection, cosmetics, textile industry, automotive industry; agricultureindustry and environmental remediation.



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