Grupo multidisciplinar DivulgaINTEMA

It is an institutional Programme to information and scientific dissemination, belongs to CONICET, unique in this type in mar del Plata. It has enormous relevance with a view to bringing science and innovation to society. Composed of researchers, scholars and support staff of the Institute since 2016.

It´s main objective is to awake the scientific vocation and the enthusiasm of young students towards the possibilities offered by the Public University and CONICET in our city. To reach this goal we work in to approach educational establishments, with talks and specific activities. In addition, to value and disseminate the Science and Technology activities that are carried out at INTEMA, with outreach initiatives, specific workshops, laboratories and talk cycles, and participating in different local and regional events promoting our research outcomes.
In the following link you can download the pdf of the talks available throughout the year.
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Lic. Lenzo Nancy | Phone: +54 (0223) 626-0600 extension 2120 | Direct line: 6260638 | Email:


> Asmussen, Silvana
> Berruet, Mariana
> Bongiovanni Abel, Silvestre
> Ceré, Silvia
> Cisilino, Adrián
> Di Iorio, Yésica
> Escalada, Lisandro
> Gonzalez, Jimena
> Lenzo, Nancy
> Martucci, Josefa
> Massa, Paola
> Muñoz, Vanesa
> Otero Vega, Fernando
> Rivero, Guadalupe
> Ruseckaite, Roxana
> Schrott, Germán
> Tomadoni, Barbara